The Art of Collecting Meteorites. Kechinka K. #62023

The Art of Collecting Meteorites. Kechinka K. #62023

The Art of Collecting Meteorites. Kechinka K. #62023
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Название: The Art of Collecting Meteorites (Signet by the Author #123)
Автор: Kevin Kechinka

Автограф автора: есть

Жанр: научно-популярное издание

Аудитория: для любой аудитории

Издательство: США


Год издания: 2005

Страниц: 219

Язык: английский

Состояние/Сохранность: книга новая

Тип обложки: мягкая обложка

Тип иллюстраций: цветные

Бумага: мелованная

Аннотация By Kevin Kichinka, this is the first book dedicated solely to the theory and methodology of collecting meteorites. The hobby’s evolution is covered from its earliest beginnings among the “rich, royal or religious” to the advent of the “Bessey Speck.” Strategies to purchase the highest-quality specimens at the most favorable prices are clearly outlined and a new tool for price determination is introduced. This guide offers advice on care and first aid for your specimens, compares the materials involving their display and affecting their preservation, and suggests an integrated system for cataloguing holdings. Select contributions by the author to the acclaimed quarterly Meteorite are reprised, including those that track his expeditions to discover Bolivia’s first authenticated meteorite. The most powerful legend of the hobby grows, as new forensic evidence and commentary from the grave of the original “Meteorite Man” seals the coffin of the dog a farmer saw struck by a Martian meteorite in 1911. The “Timeline of Historical Meteoritical Events” transports the reader on a breath-taking ride through history that will fire the imagination and enhance the knowledge of every researcher, dealer and collector. The Art of Collecting Meteorites offers the author’s unvarnished observations to help the collector understand and harness the forces driving the marketing of these souvenirs from space.

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